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Asynchronus REST-Calls with CompletableFuture

Asynchronus REST-Calls LocalDateTimeConverter

Asynchronus REST-Calls LocalDateTimeConverter

In this Blog i will demonstrate how to use CompletableFuture to make Asynchronus REST-Calls

Implementing the REST Resources

I´m asuming that you know how to setup a JavaEE Project and are keen on deploying it to your application of choice. If you got everything set up make an entry point for the rest-api.

public class JAXRSConfiguration extends Application {


We also need to REST Resources that we can call asynchronus later on. Let´s keep it simple here

public class FirstResource {

  public String getFirstService() {
    return "HELLO";


public class SecondResource{

  public String getFirstService() {
    return "WORLD";


Calling the Resources asynchronus

Now we want to call the two GET Methods asynchronus. To do that we will define a client that consumes the resources using CompletableFuture´s supplyasync() Method.

public class CompletableResource {
  private ManagedExecutorService managedExecutorService;
  private static final String TARGET = "localhost:/port/projectname/resources";

  public String getRestAsync() throws InterruptedException, ExecutionException {
    CompletableFuture firstResourceFuture = getCompletableFutureForRestRessource("hello");
    CompletableFuture secondResourceFuture =getCompletableFutureForRestRessource("world");
    StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder();
    return builder.toString();
  private CompletableFuture getCompletableFutureForRestRessource(String path){
    Client client = ClientBuilder.newClient();
    WebTarget webTarget =;
    Invocation invocation = webTarget.request("text/plain").buildGet();
    return CompletableFuture.supplyAsync(() -> invocation.invoke(String.class),                  managedExecutorService);

We made use of the functional interface Supplier and of CompletableFuture. Another interesting thing is the ManagedExecutorService which allows the Asynchronus REST-Calls to be run on a JavaEE Server.
You can now deploy the Project and call the resource: localhost:/port/projectname/resources/completable


If you have any question feel free to ask.


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  1. Francesco

    Hi, your example is very useful. Can you please tell me the dependencies in order to try your example ?
    Does Client comes from Jersey?
    Thanks in advance,

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