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Most useful Eclipse Shortcuts



Eclipse is a widely used IDE for developing Java Applications.  Most developers don´t use it efficiently though. Today you are going to learn how to master eclipse with the most useful shortcuts for it.

How to use:

X + X + X means you shall press all buttons at the same time

X + X; X means press the first two and only press the third after releasing the others (This may take some time to get the feeling on how to use it)

Eclipse Shortcuts for Quick Navigation

Ctrl + Shift + Up/Down -> Quickly navigate to the next variable/method

Alt + Shift + W -> You can  open different views for the class you´re in (package/system/coverage..)

F3 ->  Open the definition of a class/method/variable

Alt + Left/Right -> Skip through the last files you were in

Ctrl + O -> get a quick outline of the class

Ctrl+ F8 -> go through the available perspectives

Ctrl+ F7 -> go through the available views

Ctrl + W-> close the current file

Ctrl + R -> Search for a resource in your project

Eclipse Shortcuts for Code Editing

Ctrl + Shift + F -> Format the code

Ctrl + D -> Delete a Line

Ctrl + L -> Go to line

Ctrl + Q  -> Go to the last edited line

Alt + Up/Down -> Move the current line down/up

Eclipse Shortcuts for Refactoring

Alt + Shift + R -> Use this one to rename a variable, class  or method in the entire Project.

Ctrl +2; R -> Use this one to rename a variable, class or method in the local file

Alt + Shift + M -> Mark a code fragment and extract it to a separate method

Alt + Shift +T -> Shows you a list of all refactoring possible at your current place


Thanks for reading, this list is not last I will add more in the future


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