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Useful Tools

Useful Tools: Ditto clipboard manager

useful tools

useful tools

The Problem

Okay let copy this and paste it there. Oh i also need to copy this. Okay now i need the first again. Where was it. search….search…search. ah here….
Lets stop it here. I think you got the point. Sometimes coding is a lot of copy+paste over and over again. Wouldnt it be nice if we could save the process of copying lines of code to our clipboard again and again?Ditto!

Ditto came to save us

No i am not talking about the well known Pokemen that can transform in anything it wants to. Although that would certainly be a neat feature: Hm this can read a File, Ditto please transform it to read some data from my database.

Ditto is a clipboard manager that allows you to re-copy things without actually copying(ctrl+c) it again.
It holds a List of alle the Strings and even Pictures we recently copied.


Head to the official Website

Search for the download link on the right-hand side of the Page and download the appropriate Version.
Install it. I think you guys know how to install software well enough.


Open the programm and make sure it is shown under the tray icons of windows
Now copy a few things. Done that?
Now press Ctrl + `(for fellow german users: strg+ö) or click on the tray icon.


More time to be productive, less time to waste
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  1. For 10 years I (coder) was using different clipboard managers for saving history of clips. Now time has come and I have made my own clipboard manager – Clip Angel (freeware, open source) for Windows . It was inspired by AceText, ClipDiary, Ditto (my favorites).

    Ditto is really technically good, fast and light. But it has minimalistic non-standart UI and some other issues for me…
    I tryed to begin using Ditto many times in last 10 years but unreliable execution of Paste command in non english input language kills my attempts every time. So my Clip Angel was done with big attention to reliability, compatibility and conveniency of main functions – find the right piece of data and send paste with it.
    I could not find in Ditto way to quickly switch on/off word wrap. Clip Angel has many hot switches (tool buttons) allowing quick change many combination of modes.
    Ditto UI requires to manually switch focus to filter field by pressing TAB to begin filtering. Clip Angel does it automatically – pressing UP/DOWN/PgDown/PgUp you select clip in list and in the same time pressing symbols, Backspace, RIGHT/LEFT, … you change text filter.
    I could not find how to turn on HTML rendering in Ditto. Clip Angel has good support for HTML rendering with switched on “Native formatting” mode.

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